Futuring Exercise - Quality of Life in Malta, Arts/Culture Malta,  9.11.2018 - 11.11.2018


These events are FREE *****Please make sure you register!!!***** https://tinyurl.com/yacmk7bp Interested in shaping the Future? You’re sitting on the bus, aimlessly staring out the window, fantasising about the future. Maybe a small aspect of it, will we still eat pizza in 2050 or will robots drive our buses? But then you get off the bus and go to work and your fantasy fades while you wonder why your computer always updates when you are in the middle of an email. TimesUp from the obscure Austrian city of Linz, have come to our island to give us a chance to engage with ‘Futuring’ in a structured way, as part of Malta’s EU Presidency. Pushing the boundaries and dedicating time to construct possible or impossible futures, then designing specific outcomes to communicate glimpses of that future. But why? In the post Ts(Truth, Trump and Trolling) era, it is easy to lose hope and slip into a state of lethargy. But what if the idea of the future of the world didn’t seem so overwhelming? The three workshops TimesUp is organising are doing just that. They are designed to disseminate the tools for ‘Futuring’. This includes breaking down ideas into smaller segments, focusing on one aspect of the future and then fleshing out this idea in small groups of people. Practical Utopia from Afar 09. Nov 2018, 6PM Studio Solipsis / 73 Triq il- Kbira Rabat An evening event of presentations of economic alternatives for a fairer future. Presenters will be experts invited from within the local community. A Practical Utopian Moment 10. Nov 2018, 2-5PM St Joseph the Worker Parish Centre, 2nd floor, 71 Bwieraq Street Birkirkara Join us for an introduction to futuring techniques for experiential futures, exploring Time’s Up’s experiences and be guided through some engaging processes allowing all participants to think out loud about possible futures a society in which quality of life matters more than quantities of stuff. An Afternoon Spent in a Practical Utopian State of Mind 11. Nov 2018 10AM-5PM St Joseph the Worker Parish Centre, 2nd floor, 71 Bwieraq Street Birikrkara Be engaged in developing more in-depth alternative future scenarios in correlation with possible futures of a reflexive, reflective society. Be guided through a process of developing artefacts for experiential futures, to turn imaginations into practical utopia.

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Futuring Exercise - Quality of Life

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9 November 2018
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11 November 2018
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Futuring Exercise - Quality of Life , - Arts/Culture at 18:00

Futuring Exercise - Quality of Life , - Arts/Culture at 14:00

Futuring Exercise - Quality of Life , - Arts/Culture at 10:00

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